How Clever Cloths Giant Colouring Activity Sheets Can Benefit Children

Here at Clever Cloths we know your small people will love the giant size of our themed colouring activity sheets. They will also love playing with them when they are finished. However, what they probably won’t realise is that they are actually learning a whole set of skills that will help them achieve at school.

Colouring is extremely beneficial to young children. It helps develop fine motor skills, hand strength, dexterity and correct pencil grip. These are all skills that take time and practice to develop. This practice will in turn help them enjoy and improve their handwriting. Colouring provides a calm and quiet situation and is known for its therapeutic qualities. It also helps develop concentration, stimulates creativity and can result in pride, confidence and satisfaction.

More than just colouring

There is however a whole lot more to a Clever Cloth than just colouring. Each cloth contains some activities related to topics covered in the Key Stage 1. Whatever the topic, it will be introduced in a fun and gentle way. Looking at these activities together will help your child’s understanding of key concepts and improve their general knowledge and vocabulary.

What do you get?

If that wasn’t enough each Clever Cloth comes with 3 A4 cards printed with all sorts items to colour and cut and use in conjunction with the giant worksheet. There are characters/ items to promote imaginary play with the scene on the tablecloth, pieces for games and other things too.

colouring activity mat

We have found that a Clever Cloth not only provides the chance to spend quality, constructive time together (its big enough for 4 or 5 people to work on at the same time) it also provides a chance to renew interest in forgotten toys. All sorts of building blocks, characters and vehicles can be used to create a great story and inspire young minds.

Buy now!

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